I create from my own feeling, from my own experience, from what I am and from the reality I know.  From my personal pursuit, the art that seeks to portray society, which includes me, forcefully made its way . A corporacratic and heteropatriarchal society that has managed to classify us, limit us, confront us and disconnect us. A sleeping society, without a critical spirit. A society that lives mistreating women. The society of fear, the society of loneliness.
After a long journey of life in which I fulfilled all the stereotypes that society expected of a woman: servility, obedience, cures, care … and trying to please and like others, I forgot who I was,
I disconnected from my essence and I was shipwrecked.
From that place of no return, from not being from nowhere, from hopelessness, I reconnected to life through art. The art with which I seek my own personal balance. The art with which I aspire to punch consciences, touch feelings and cause emotion. The art that tries to generate reflection from aesthetics.
And that’s why I paint and sculpt myself one and a hundred times. And I paint and sculpt women a thousand times more. My creative energy is born from empathy, love, the claim of the being and empowerment. My women embrace life beyond labels, aesthetic canons and social constraints. They intend to make the world a fairer and harmonious place, in which there is no discrimination of gender, race, or any other type, in which we love and care for each other, unconditionally and timelessly from the difference.
For the same reason, all my work is all produced with sustainable and reusable materials, so that the trace left by my work, beyond emotion, embraces the world in which we live, in a final organic return from where it comes from.