Antiejército de mujeres
Sustainable materials

They are “token” pieces, all different, made with sustainable materials, using both traditional techniques and 3D modeling and fabrication. A research work that seeks to find the necessary publicity and financing to be able to bring sculpture to people without sculptural knowledge and to be able to launch a collaborative project open to citizens: “one person-one sculpture”.

In fact, the project has a life of its own, so not only does it grow in terms of new tests and new materials, but also the spirit of the project grows to be appropriate and adopted by collectives and people around the world. I aspire that we build, among all of us, armies, hordes or groups of sculptures of women that, in the form of a collective installation, occupy spaces and use art as a dissemination tool, JUNTAS, we claim that another world is possible. An army, alive, in eternal movement, that allows us to show the reality of the world in which we live and helps us to awaken consciences and spread the message of our strength as a group.

I can imagine them growing in number, anonymous, expanding, inspiring. I imagine thousands of small sculptures of women, arranged in installation mode, all over the world. Organized, ordered, unique, anonymous, fighters, A collaborative, plural, assembly project, by everyone and for everyone

Antiejército de Mujeres

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