Som Històries

Painting and drawing.

With this work I seek to reflect the disconnection of individuals in our society.

Stories emerge from the spots, from every speck of dust.

If you stand in front of the painting you see stains, geometrically positioned: an aesthetic gift for the gaze. If you approach it carefully, you discover human figures behind each of the stain.
I intervene them, one by one, by drawing such an automatic way, series of people in a row, small, that do not touch, all different, locked in their unique, tiny and anonymous reality. There are quite a few people, but we all seem identical, indistinguishable, serial, no identity.

So equal and so different, so close and so far, so close together and so far apart.


My collection of paintings seeks to reflect every little moment of my life. Moments of our daily stories as women. We are stories. We are our own stories.
As a Mother. As a daughter. As an apprentice. As a teacher.

Stories of light. Intimate stories. Stories of shadows. Doubtful stories. Stories of fears. Bright stories. Excited stories. Stories of solidarity. Committed stories. In fight stories. Critic stories.
And we live building our own stories, trying to respect, to love and to take care of ourselves.

To be able to respect, love and take care of the others.


Som històries tribals
89cm. x 116cm.
Mixed media.

De Vida

Som històries de vida
89. x 116cm.
Mixed media.


Som històries de repressió
130cm. x 130cm.
Mixed media.


Som històries de refugiades
117 cm. x 81 cm.
Mixed media.

De Llum

Som històries de llum
130cm. x 130cm.
Mixed media.


Som històries d’aigua
130cm. x 130cm.
Mixed media.


Stories of light on paper
Dimensions: 45 cm x 30 cm
Media: Ink on paper

We live like we can
Dimensions: 40 cm x 28 cm
Media: Ink on paper

Personal Conquests
Dimensions: 25 cm. x 65 cm.
Media: Mixed media on Indian paper

Title: ​Stories of Sand
Dimensions: 45 cm x 30 cm
Media: Ink on paper

Another of my Days
Dimensions: 45 cm x 30 cm
Media: Ink on paper

Stories of Water I
Dimensions: 50 cm x 70 cm
Media: Mixed media on paper

One of My Days
Dimensions: 42 cm. x 30 cm.
Media: Ink on paper

Fitting Life
Dimensions: 40 cm x 20 cm
Media: Mixed media on paper

We Are Skin Stories
Dimensions: 45 cm x 30 cm
Media: Japanese ink on paper

Happily Imperfect
Dimensions: 40 cm x 30 cm
Media: Ink on paper

A Good Life
Dimensions: 62 cm. x 29 cm.
Media: Ink on paper

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