The contained silence.

I intend to give a visual truce to the viewer.

Each work contains infinite messages hidden behind a monochrome appearance where gloss and matt build balanced and silent pieces.

In monochrome, encrypted messages emerge without shrillness where my thousand women only appear, abstract, brilliant, forceful and serene.

It is my most minimalist work, if we delve a little deeper, we can see a set of pictograms, sometimes in the form of hieroglyphics, where we apreciate the influence of art and writing made more than five thousand years ago in the Middle East, exactly in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Behind the minimalist aspect of his work, the artist

constantly draws and repeats calligrams that

they represent women Anonymous women, empowered women, women who challenge the patriarchal world.

Encripted messages

mensajes encriptados III (1)
Mensajes encriptados II (2)
mensajes encriptados IV (3)
Mensajes encriptados VIII (4)
mensajes encriptados XI (3)


Mixed media

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